Malco(R) Automotive Launches EPIC(R) PRO Ceramic Coating

Epic Pro Ceramic Coating

Malco® Products, Inc. announced the introduction of EPIC® PRO Ceramic Coating to the Malco Automotive line of professional detailing products. This high-end ceramic coating bonds with a vehicle’s clear coat to form a durable, hydrophobic barrier that lasts up to three years or 36,000 miles, cures to a ceramic hardness of 9H and offers one of the
industry’s highest gloss levels.

“EPIC PRO Ceramic Coating is a new and improved version of our previous ceramic product and compliments our EPIC® Paint Correction and Protection product line. Ceramic coating is the most advanced protective coating offered for the automotive aftermarket and produces the “wet” look many luxury car owners desire,” said Mike Goldstein, Malco Product Manager. “EPIC PRO’s hydrophobic properties allow water and dirt to slide right off the vehicle surface.” EPIC PRO Ceramic Coating is part of the EPIC® Ceramic Coating System which includes surface preparation products and an enhancement spray that boosts the life of the ceramic coating. For optimum results, we also recommend using the EPIC® Paint Correction System to properly remove any paint defects in the application surface before installation. EPIC Pro is only available from Malco Automotive Distributors. It is sold in a single-use kit that includes one 30ml bottle of ceramic coating, one technical data sheet, one applicator pad, and ten suede applicator cloths.

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